2014.04.23 03:32:56
William Davis

Three of my friends highly recommended Top Auto when I needed some work done on my car.  As a young woman, I always feel ripped off after I leave the car place, but my friends assured me that this place would treat me well.  The owners of this mom and pop shop listened to me as I explained my car's symptoms, then they both walked outside to take a quick look at my car.

After taking one glance at my tires, they sent me down the road to Action Gator Tire.  They explained that my tires were done; there was no tread left; and judging from they symptoms I had complained about, my tires were about to explode.  When I arrived at the tire store that was just five minutes away, the mechanic said they had just talked to Top Auto who had called ahead to explain my situation and ensure I received a great deal.

Although Top Auto didn't actually work on my car, their honesty and integrity makes me a loyal customer for life.  Plus, Top Auto has completed work on my friends' cars and they can't say enough good things about them.  After 12 years in Orlando, it's so great to finally find a great place for car repairs!


Top Auto Repair

1828 S Division Ave
Orlando, FL 32805 (map)

(407) 425-0934

ASE Certified
Major Credit Cards Accepted