Great Service!

I called around to about 3 places before coming to Top Auto Repair. The other two had lots of good yelps, but I almost thought that the other places might have created their own yelps if you know what I mean... I had a squeeling belt that I thought might need replacing after I just had it changed last year. The other places quoted over 2 hours of labor and between $156 and $200 for replacing 2 belts. The other places sounded like they were going to fall asleep on the phone.

That's when I called Top Auto Repair. Rhonda, thier customer care expert, explained that they would need to look at things first to see if I would even need a belt replacement. She did present some quotes on the phone, letting me know that it depends on if I need an adjustment, 1 new belt, or 2 new belts. When I arrived, the owner of the place took a look at the belts and said they were fine and a little adjustment probably needed to me made. They were super fast and I almost ended up with no bill at all from them. I decided to get my oil changed with the money I saved. The owner also advised me on two problems that I have with the car and helped me prioritize which one to fix first. One of the problems I already know about, but just haven't had the money to fix and the other was also suspected based on a friend's observation the other day. He didn't just invent work to do on my car in other words. Both quotes for those two items are also less expensive than other places. While waiting briefly on the oil change, I learned that the garage has been open for over 30 years and is a pop minus the mom garage. I'll definately be back again soon.